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There Are Reasons Why We Are The Best WEB DEVELOPMENT COMPANY In Delhi

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Website / UI / UX designing, is an art of designing a website, the look and feel you get while looking at a website. It is to deal with the images you use, the fonts, the color combinations, the layouts etc. A website should be designed in a way that it is worth looking, has cool interface is everyone’s choice. Everyone wants their website to look cool and attractive and ease the user experience, the website should be responsive, meaning that if someone opens up on different devices, say mobile phones/tablets, the website should adjust itself so that it looks pretty on the devices and enhances the user experience. A website represents you and your company, it is just like your personality, if you have a good personality people do approach you. So, it is very important to design a website that everyone would love to have and get the best user experience.


Web Development ranges from development of a static page to developing complex web-based applications. Using web development we can make simple/static sites, dynamic sites or e-commerce site. There are various languages used in web development, each language has its own speciality. The widely used languages are php, .net, java, etc for backend, while for frontend, html, css, bootstrap, javaScript, jQuery, angularJs etc. and for database the most used are sql, mysql, oracle, mongo etc., these are also the language we use to build our websites/blogs/web applications, based on the latest trends.

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With the increased use of smartphones, most of the work is done on smartphones, it has its benefits like it is easy to carry, you get what you want at your fingertip, it is always with you and so on and so forth. We at Codelysis develop mobile apps using android technology.


Along with web development, we also develop software applications, using the latest technologies in the market, so that the softwares are upto date. We are also into software maintenance, bug fixing, testing, etc. We also maintain websites be it static or dynamic or e-commerce.

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