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Pay Per Click is a form of online marketing, where an advertiser only pays if a user clicks the ad, there is no charge for displaying these ads on the search results. In PPC method advertiser bids for particular keyword/key phrases relevant to them. Pay per click methods was initially used by search giants like Google and Bing, but are now being adopted by social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Banner ads/display ads are also a type of PPC but there is a fixed price value set, as these ads are shown on sites that have related content on them and have agreed to display such ads.

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Pay Per Click is one of the widest used forms of sponsored ads online. PPC is very helpful for startups or new businesses who are fresh in the market but want to be heard. An average of 30% of the traffic generated by the search engine is captured by PPC ads like Google Ads, Bing Ads, etc.

In case of search engine ads, there are several ranking factors that determine the position of the ad displayed. Few of the factors are the relevance of ad, how interesting is the ad, how is the landing page experience, what is the cost per click (CPC) etc.

If PPC is done effectively by the PPC Company, it saves a lot of money else, one ends up losing money. At Codelysis we provide effective marketing strategies for every business, so as to maximize the ROI and minimize the cost. We believe when a user clicks on the relevant ad, it must fulfill the requirement, i.e the conversion must be made, for example, if someone clicks on an ad of a product, the person should end up buying the product. Apart from text ads there are also display ads that work on the PPC model.

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